Zimbio.com: Why Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity Shouldn’t Get Together — Yet

This is an older article from back in mid-November 2013 (just after episode 2.06 “Keep Your Enemies Closer” aired) but I found it linked off another Zimbio page and I couldn’t NOT share it.

Jill Slattery, the author of the article, is a woman after my own heart. She has covered everything I love about the Olicity ship and she also explains why she believes Oliver and Felicity shouldn’t get together (yet).

Two words. SLOW. BURN. (Two words from me? “HELL YES.”)

Below is my favourite part of the article (though the whole thing is pretty awesome):

Last week’s episode of Arrow featured Olicity’s most swoonworthy moment yet, which came on the heels of Oliver’s surprise hook-up (the guy’s basically been a monk all season long) with Isabel in Russia. Felicity, clearly bothered by Oliver’s dalliance, came right out and asked him about it:

“Why her?”

“Because of the life I lead, I just think it’s better not to be with someone I could really care about.”

“Well, I think you deserve better than her.”

It was the stuff shipper dreams are made of — thinly veiled confessions of feelings, brushing aside of said feelings, longing looks, words left unspoken. Fans gushed about the scene on Twitter (myself included). But as much as I loved the scene — and I really did, I watched it four times — I have a confession to make: I’ll be really bummed if Oliver and Felicity get together anytime soon.

There are lots of reasons why I want to see Arrow slow down its Olicity roll. For starters, the show isn’t even halfway through its second season. Arrow’s ratings are on the rise and new fans are discovering the expertly crafted slice of superhero fun every day. The series has plenty of time to slowly build Oliver and Felicity into the super couple they could be.

And isn’t that slow burn part of the fun of shipping anyway? The Vampire Diaries’ Damon and Elena didn’t officially get together until the end of Season 4, and fan fervor for the couple only got more intense with the extra long wait. Even though the Olicity sparks are flying left and right, the pair are nowhere close to earning a hook-up. Sure, Felicity has a definite crush on Oliver (with his abs, who wouldn’t?) and Oliver depends on Felicity for much more than her tech expertise these days, but these two misfit loners still have a long way to go before they would be ready to dive into any sort of real relationship.

Just… YES.

All those in favour, hit the comments below with ‘AYE!’